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  • St. Paul Tank
  • St. Paul Tank
  • St. Paul Tank

St. Paul Tank


100% USA Cotton Tank

Screen Printed by Saint Sota Clo

Fit: Slightly Oversized.

Part of the Process is making mistakes. These prototypes are shirts with some imperfections and this is the perfect opportunity to support at a great discount. We stand by the quality of these tshirts, as they are manufactured in Los Angeles, and made with USA grown cotton. 


DISCLAIMER: These tshirts are the first to be printed by us as we have taken on new ventures into the screen printing world. Being new to screen printing, we took for granted the process it take to properly screen print. There is the possibility that some of these shirts will have minor fading on the print prematurely, and that is why they will be available at a discount. This fading can give it a vintage/washed look, which can be desirable, but is not exactly what we were looking for. It would be a great shame to throw these tshirts away just for some minor premature fading, and there is a good chance that you will not experience this with your tshirt, but it is a possibilty, and we want to be open and honest about that. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Lessons Learned.

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